A BUSY weekend (and it's not even over yet), but it has been fun.
Friday (whilst I should have been preparing for my show today) we met the Case Fam at Disneyland for good times.  We have been going to The "happiest" (or "germiest" as many of my friends have so lovingly named it) place on earth with Josh and Nicole for about 5 years now.  Well before we had kids, we would jont around until the late hours.  The tradition lives on (just during the morning hours instead).
The Tiki Room:
The Case Fam and Sean/Kensington on the carousel:
Disneyland's landscaping and gardening is always one of my favorite things to check out. Their seasonal flowers are always maintained and lovely.  
IMG_3885  IMG_3905
Today I had the HANDMADE BRIGADE and it was fabulous!  I saw so many friends and family and got to know so many fellow crafters, which is so important and fun for me.  Thanks for coming out and supporting Cherry Tree Lane!  And THANK YOU Mary for helping me today.  You are amazing.
AND THEN!!!!!!
I get home and Grandma Strawsburg brought over a new play-mat and two new toys for my recently mobile daughter!  She no longer enjoys the excersaucer or "sitting" as much as she once did.  She is on the move!
Thanks Grandma!
The weekend continues with another show tomorrow in LA (reporting later) and the annual Christmas Pageant at our church!  


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5 responses to “Wow-ee.

  1. Sounds a little like my crazy weekend. I have to say sis… you have a marketing ability that is unmatched… except by me. CTL is a viable brand. Your stand looked amazing and I was so impressed by the fusion of color and style. You kick butt and I am so proud of you and what you have done with CTL. I lauf you. adsfgiojua90u45yihjasdfgh59yhaqgrpio 🙂

  2. Kent Strawsburg

    Time to bulk up on the inventory ‘eh??

  3. Looks like it was a good show! wOOt!

  4. Michelle

    SO much to comment on:
    your display was FABULOUS – you’ve come a long way, baby!
    love the red outift
    the Evil Empire, I mean Dland, looked fun!
    you look happy!!!!

  5. Your family is right. Your set up was so dang cute!! Also that sweater you snatched up was to die for! It looked so great on you!!! Hope to see you at more events!!!

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