keeping the reason, the reason.

I have never felt more convicted than I do this year.  Convicted to get my eyes off the "stuff" that surrounds Christmas and remember what is truly important to me.

1.) Christmas is about the Lord sending the baby Jesus to save the world.
2.) Giving to others out of the abundance that the Lord has given us.
3.) Making and carrying on the traditions that have long surrounded this wonderful holiday with my family and friends.
I was really happy with the simplicity that Rick Warren presented on the TODAY show this morning in regards to the "Purpose of Christmas".  Whether you like him or not/care for his books or mega church etc….his message was not detoured and was accurate.  
It made me so happy to hear this on tv this morning. Simple.

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  1. This is a little weird, I know… we seem to share a couple of things, or have a couple of things in common. A name, our faith and our focus on family. I feel that the last two are extremely important.
    And might I commend you on your blog. You write about your life like you are writing a story, or writing in a diary. They are small snapshots or snippets of your life story and are written really well.

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