every little bit counts.

I have been inspired in the past years by friends (read: Jenn) and others that do their part to contribute to condense the waste we as a group of living humans make, and begin making efforts to take care of our world. 
I have been struck lately by the amount of people who feel like it is "liberal" to "go green" or that is just for "hippies". Where does this thought process come from?
Rejecting the idea of "Go Green" because you don't like the party that it has been long associated with, is not right to me.
It's another way of saying, "It doesn't matter if I recycle or buy LED lights or turn off some electricity or get reusable grocery bags because it wont make a difference".  I kinda think of it the same way I do when people say that they won't vote because it "doesn't matter".  Ridiculous!
If anything, being a Christian compels me to care for our earth.  I am FAR AWAY from doing everything I can, but I am anxious to learn how I can live cleaner and better.  I am trying to do different small things each day (and sometimes it takes a little extra time, which can get on my nerve), but it matters.  Small things are what make the difference.  Small donations, small efforts, small conversations.
WHY WOULDN'T WE WANT TO DO OUR PART TO TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH?  If people feel that is just for the "liberals", than I say, "Good for the liberals!"
This post really isnt for my to get on my soap box, but I realized how I have a growing passion for doing my part.  
when I got a paper from the Girl Scouts, I got happy!:)
The Girl Scouts in my neighborhood are collecting fluorescent bulbs/batteries at Wardlow Park by my house on Sat, Dec 6th from 2-4pm.  It is a great way to get rid of alot of things around the house and also throw things away responsibly. (And help out the Girl Scouts).
A very small way to help out, but a way none the less!!!!
Do your part!!!!


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6 responses to “every little bit counts.

  1. Good for you!! I feel the same way.. just because I am a Republican, does it mean I am not liberal enough to recycle and do my part?? Ah! Makes me crazy!! I could do better, but I am trying my best! 🙂 xo!

  2. Your hippie communist views amuse me. So I go get my hair ready with my Aerosol hair spray, grab my lunch that is in a Styrofoam box, get in my 8MPG suv and drive to this event while throwing my smokes out the window. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. Hooray for the Girl Scouts!

  4. Melissa

    well said
    we all have to do a little, if only to counteract all the damage Jonathan is doing to this earth…

  5. and you’re totally going to be wearing some upcycled pieces in your wardrobe as soon as Very Mary gets a day off work to hit the thrifts!

  6. Hey my little Brownie troop could use that badge– haven’t even seen it before now. Your right, it is part of our stewardship to care for the earth. Good on you, Rachel!

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