fake n’ bake.

I posted several days ago with some aprons that I had made, and then thought–"wouldnt it be perfect to have "mommy and me" aprons for little girls?"
You may not be able to tell, but the below apron is made for a 3-5 year old and can accompany the adult aprons I make.  I just wish that Kensington could fit in it…..
And then I began thinking….traditional ornaments for a Christmas tree are fun, but what about a tree decorated in "treats"?!?!  I would love that!  So…i have begun creating cupcakes, ice cream cones and many other treats.  Here are just two, but more are in the works.  YUMMMMMMMY.


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2 responses to “fake n’ bake.

  1. Ooo, you are very creative! Love those ornaments, their makin’ me hungry 🙂

  2. just browsing through…and found your blog….love the apron…and especially the christmas ornaments…they are so stinking cute…..

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