as the boy scouts say….

Always be prepared.
After the earthquake in July, I realized that we arent really "ready" for a large earthquake.  What I mean is that we have no stock pile of supplies in case something BIG happens.  So…i have been saying over and over again I wanted to get things in order (supplies, proper paper work etc).  But, it always goes on the back burner.
Well….not today!  I went to TARGET this morning and VOILA!  My emergency packs are ready for our house and cars (for both us and the animals).  We don't have tons of disposable income these days, but I thought this was a very well spent 50 dollars!  


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3 responses to “as the boy scouts say….

  1. Shanna

    $50! That’s fantastic! Good job and I’d say money well spent. You’ve inspired me to make getting more prepared my next new year’s resolution. Hopefully we won’t have a disaster until then. 😉

  2. Brenna

    Wow, good job! I’m glad you’re within walking distance:)

  3. Good Job! I’ve been working on our emergency preparedness kit for like 2 years and still need a few things 😦 Thanks for the motivation to get it done!

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