the happy land of handmade.

Have you ever felt like you were 100% "in your element"?  
ALL DAY I had the feeling that I was exactly where I was "supposed" to be.  Surrounded by people that take craft seriously (which lots of people don't, sadly) and are selling their handmade treasures.  
This is where I want to be.
My first "official" craft fair was today and it was a great learning experience and up front training.  I took away tons of "to-do's" for next time and several "no-no's" as well.  
I met so many talented crafters and artisans, made quite a few connections and (my very favorite) learned how to properly create a "ZINE".  (Thanks, Capella!)
My gracious friend, Jenn was there with me the entire day–THANK YOU, FRIEND!
Here are several pictures of my booth.  
*Most importantly: Cherry Tree Lane will be able to make a donation to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation because of YOU!  Thanks for coming out and supporting Cherry Tree Lane!
The next scheduled show is Dec 6th from 10-4pm at the HANDMADE BRIGADE at the Tall Mouse.  


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5 responses to “the happy land of handmade.

  1. Shanna

    Your table looks great! Congratulations on a successful first craft fair. Your card stand looks SO professional.

  2. OMG your booth looks AMAZING!!!! 🙂 I loveeee your card rack, it looks gorgeous! The colors, the sign, everything! WOW Rachel, good for you! xo!

  3. congratulations on your first show! it was nice seeing you and your table looks great. i wanted to tell you how much i loved your display colors…aqua is my absolute favorite, it’s the color of ruby’s room and can be found through out the house!

  4. Noelle

    Your booth looks so great! I love the bright colors & everything looks very professional – while still staying fun! Looking forward to going to your next show! Congratulations!

  5. krista goddard

    Cherry Tree Lane….is amazing!!!!! I love everything,and want to buy it all. What great affordable christmas gifts.
    Great job it such an amazing expression of you! Love it!!!!!!!!

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