I am well aware that I will confuse or ignite a spirit of anger in some of my fellow Republicans for even daring to look at a positive side of the outcome this evening….

But I am going to.

As much as I hoped that John McCain would have become our next president elect, he did not.  And while I'm sure that some of my fellow conservative Republicans would wish me to be angry….I'm not.  

I'm sure that each of us could write lists as to why "our" candidate is more appropriate, qualified, intelligent etc.  However, on this side of the 2008 election, it does none of us any good.  I appreciated John McCain's speech this evening–we would do ourselves a favor, as a people, to begin working together. 

But my excitement this evening is attached to an issue that surrounds no propositions of political views.

You see….I chose to look at a side of this election that makes me feel pride for my nation. I grew up knowing no difference between people based on the color of their skin.  For that, I am so grateful.  But I am a minority.  And as I have become an adult, I have seen the anger and hatred in people that THEY THEMSELVES do not even understand or see–all for the color of someone's skin. They are born with it.  They were taught it.  They learned it.  They joke about it.  But it is REAL.

Tonight, while I saw Barack Obama speak to America, I was not depressed.  I was not frustrated and I was not scared.  No, I did not vote for him.  No, I would rather John McCain be giving his acceptance speech…


I experienced pride in my country that a black man was elected president.  There are people in parts of the United States that EXPERIENCED CONSTANT discrimination and racism that I will NEVER understand, that saw a man elected…..who would not have been able to vote less than 60 years ago.  I am proud that someday, I will not even have to "explain" to my child that it is an "achievement" or "amazing" for a black man to become president…it will be just the same as a white man.  
As I sat and watched Barack Obama speak, tears welled up in my eyes because I feel that was a moment in time.  

Our first African-American President was elected.  

And while I stand whole heartedly by my vote for John McCain and think that he would make a more suitable president at this crucial crossroads in United States history, I have not lost total hope. Regardless of what side of the fence we are each on, I believe that EACH of us should acknowledge the monumental step that America has taken, and be proud of that necessary progression.  

Not the moment I had "wished" for, but one that I was certainly moved by.


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9 responses to “choosing.

  1. Rachel, I do agree with you- this is a huge step for Americans. I feel honored to live in a country that does not discriminate based on race and has successfully elected a black president. HOWEVER, I am still sad for McCain haha! 😦 Boo! That being said, yes, we all better work together, no matter which political side of the fence we are on, because our country definitely needs it!

  2. well put rach. 🙂

  3. Kat

    After feeling let down last night initially, I decided that I would choose to have hope that our new president will amaze us with the great things he’ll do. It no longer matters what party he is from, he is all of our leader.

  4. i told daniel the same thing last night while watching obama’s acceptance speech…although disappointed with the outcome, i was encouraged by how far our country has come. i thought he gave a pretty hope inspiring speech.

  5. Very well said! I feel so blessed to have been able to witness history last night. Even though he wasn’t my first choice, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful after his speech. God is still in control. 🙂 Julie



  7. I agree with you… I was so upset last night… but I woke up telling myself that… whats done is done! Our country made history last night… and while I didn’t vote for Obama… I’ve decided that I will support him and hope for the best! oh but besides that… I thought I was the only crafter who was under 50 who was Rebublican! And you have NO clue who I am but I am going to be selling at Handmade Brigade as well!! Just wanted to check out your blog!

  8. Beautifully written and left tears in my eyes too.

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