I was talking with my sister-in-law last week and she used the word "tethered".  I thought that was an appropriate word for my relationship with my computer.  I love my computer.  I chat and converse and make relationships with hundreds of bloggers/Etsy crafters/friends/acquaintances etc.  I have come back in contact with so many people, just because I flip open my computer and log on. 

But I feel "tethered" to it.  I check my email often.  I go on FACEBOOK and my blog daily.  I check my friends blogs rather than call them.  I send an email rather than a handwritten card and I sit and surf the web, rather than talk to my husband sitting on the couch next to me, at times.  I got a call yesterday from my friend Shanna and hung up an hour later and was so happy…..
because I had actual interaction with a friend and much more stimulating conversation than I can have over an email.  Emails are easy to forget to reply to….but a friend on the phone or sitting across from you, isn't.  I get emails from friends quite a bit asking how I am doing.  I write back and tell them.  And then NOTHING.  And I know that I have done the same.  Because it is an easy, non-committal way of communicating. It's at your leisure, you are in control and you don't have to reply if you don't want to.  Easy.  
But I feel it has been to the detriment of some of my communication skills.

Now, hold on.  I'm not hating on the computer.  I LOVE the computer.  Betsy (as I so affectionally call her) is my friend and I learn alot of things from typing her keys and browsing her sites.  Computers are amazing and a portal into new worlds that we must use to educate ourselves.  However, I find myself antsy to see what is sitting in my INBOX, rather than calling someone and checking in or going to coffee with a friend.

So, Im un-tethering myself.  I'm setting parameters for myself.  Im setting up boundaries for myself and the computer.  For  those of you that have already done this–GOOD FOR YOU.  But, I haven't and must.  I don't know what those parameters will be or what it will entail, but I'm sure it will be something manageable, so that I can keep up my love-affair with blogging and checking in on friends, occasionally.  

In the meantime, while I figure it out….I'm "breaking up" with my old friend for a little bit.  Sure, I will need to hop on and check my email for Cherry Tree Lane related items and I will still post on my blog about exciting events and things, but, for the most part, I want to UN-TETHER myself from Betsy. At least for a little bit…..



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2 responses to ““tethered”

  1. I had to do the same thing. The first step for me was a no-computer Sunday. So as soon as I’m done typing this, I’m shutting the lid and won’t open it again until Monday morning.
    It was hard at first, but I’m really loving my day where I don’t have to check email or respond to anyone about anything!

  2. Michelle

    I totally respect your choice … i think we all have a medium that controls us – TV, phone, texting, computer … we can always find that one thing that will keep us from doing what actually NEEDS to be done.
    I will be eager to hear how the Lord challenges you to spend the new found free time you will have once you are weaned yourself. Could be exciting!!!!!
    love you – for real,

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