dress rehearsal

Kensington tried on her Halloween costume last night.  We wanted to make sure it all fit and then also come up with some ideas for clever embellishments to make this adorable costume EVEN CUTER.  (is it possible??).  She seemed to like her little costume, especially the cap.  She kept rubbing it.
So, while this post comes about 2 weeks too early, I couldn't pass up showing it off.  Thanks Emily! 
Check back to see the completed costume! 🙂


Filed under holiday happiness

4 responses to “dress rehearsal

  1. Michelle

    only YOU would try to add to an already complete bug outfit ….
    have fun and I an only imagine what you will come up with! :o)

  2. oh.my.gosh. she looks amazingly cute!!!! 🙂 WOW, I miss when Andrew was that size and didn’t have an opinion about what he is going to be for Halloween haha!! xo!

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