frugal is the new rich.

In light of the recent turn in the economy, and all the financial upheaval, my friend Selena wrote a post I thought was timely, well written and appropriate. 
Click HERE to read it.
Thanks for sharing Selena–hopefully we can each learn to live within our means, be content and 
enjoy what we do have!

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One response to “frugal is the new rich.

  1. Dear Sweet Cherry on Cherry Tree Lane,
    YES to being practical with money and recycling things!! This is the source of much of much creativity. Many years ago I started logging every money I and then my husband spent into categories.
    It is an important part of becoming accountable. Debt is THE WORST & meanest monkey I know. I don’t want him in my life!
    The fact that you are writing a post on this topic shows your willingness to do what it takes to be free!!
    Thank you for leaving me a comment during our transition in our life.
    Sending you smiles from Texas!

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