perfect day for a treat in the mail.

This week has been filled with some serious emotions, with me stepping down from my job and yesterday was my last day in the office.  Without giving you lots of details that you may or may not want to know….it all hit me last night when I got home from being with the kids one last time.  I think that I have cried all my tears and had some moments of silence last night where I was able to reflect on the past years and why my job was so special to me.  I woke early and continued to think about it, but one thing was different. 
I had NO "WORK" to do (besides the small task of being a mommy, that is) .  This feeling is foreign to me.  But I LIKE IT. 
I look forward to meeting this new stage in my life with acceptance and a sense of anticipation for what I will learn about mothering and my child.  I can't wait!!!
Still feeling a little "blah", I found a package on my doorstep today!
I signed up to be a part of the "VERY VINTAGE HALLOWEEN SWAP" (swaps are a bloggers best friend!) and was so excited that I was picked to be a partner with Selena from a great blog APRON THRIFT GIRL.  She sent me some very fun treats, including a halloween apron i will be wearing, as I do all the cooking I have planned!  Look at that garland I will be hanging tonight!!!  Thanks Selena for this great "pick me up" I needed today.  I couldnt have asked for a better partner for my first swap!!
This is the swap package I sent her.  I made her some Halloween cards and tags and found some great Halloween signs and a little dracula bobbin that was spooky and fabulous!  Plus a fun, handmade headband and some candy….with a few other surprises mixed in there.

I can't wait to find another swap!



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5 responses to “perfect day for a treat in the mail.

  1. Amanda Green

    this looks like so much fun! could you please let me know if you find another swap, i would love to do this! nothing better than a package on your porch!

  2. emily

    what fun treats. I am excited for you to be at home and I know that this was not an easy choice. I am thinking about you.

  3. Your satan swap sounds like a blast…. hahaha

  4. oooh mine arrived today from heidi!
    Your gifts look lovely! don’t forget to add your pics to the flickr group 🙂

  5. Michelle

    How fun to get a sweet surprise just when you needed a pick-me-up.
    God knows our needs before we even ask….

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