I’m 28 now. (so many pics, but read the whole thing!)

My birthday was yesterday and it was fantastic.  I just love birthdays.  They don't have to be mine either.  Whenever it is someone's birthday, I may just give them a call or a card or small gift, but I am usually thinking of them all day–the day is just special.
Sean had the day off and so he came in (and in the spirit of CTL) had handmade a card for me and it had some cold, hard cash in it!  Which he informed me would be used at our destination.  So, we packed up Kensington and got in the car.  We ended up driving to downtown Orange, which is such a delightful little place.  It has lots of fun resturaunts–although we only eat at WATSON's drugstore–and TONS of antique stores.  He told me that the money had to go towards something for CTL and so I set off (after eating my Rueben to locate some fun displays for the upcoming craft shows.
Look at my fun new displays (well, i guess they don't look THAT fun right now, but they certainly will come craft fair time!) and vintage books that I will whip into some fancy cards!  Thanks Sean for such a wonderful idea and a great afternoon.  It was so special!
 My friend Shanna brought over the cutest little package of WICKED fabulous-ness!  LOVE IT!

In the evening, our friends the LeM's came over and we enjoyed a couple hands of CANASTA (we were like the Ricardos and Mertzs').  It was so much fun and a perfect way to end a perfect day.  Mary put together the sweetest gift-a "Stay-At-Home-Mom Kit" for me (if you haven't already heard, I will officially be unemployed as of September 28th) that was filled with all kinds of goodies for Kensington and I to enjoy on our days spent together and a few treats for me (i.e. the SHE AND HIM record which I have been wanting SO BAD).  It was such a fun gift!
What fun I had!!!  
PS–Im awaiting two very fabulous gifts in the mail….I will have to do a fashion show for one of them!  Thanks Mel!
Ok…so if you have made it all the way to the end of this ridiculously long post…
there is a prize that awaits one of you!  Let me explain:
When i opened up my new vinyl (She and Him-Volume One) a fun card popped out!  It was a coupon for a one time only DOWNLOAD of the album for FREE.  Since I already bought the album for my iPod, i don't need this, and would love to share the wealth.
See?!  LOOK!
Photo 126
I would like someone to enjoy this album as much as me, so please leave a comment (anyone can) and I will pull a name from a hat next Tuesday.  Its a great album!
Cheers and have a fabulous weekend!


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8 responses to “I’m 28 now. (so many pics, but read the whole thing!)

  1. emily

    What a fun day! I have that baby’s day out book and it is a great resource. what fun!

  2. Shanna

    I’m glad you had a good day. I love Mary’s gift. How creative.

  3. Happy birthday!!!!! It sounds like you had such a fantastic day, you deserve it missy!!! 🙂 And how fun that you went to Orange.. I was reading about your day and cracking up because my mom, sister and I always go up to Orange to go antique-ing and we ALWAYS eat at Watson’s! It is so yummy and what perfect ambiance in such a cute little town!!! Glad you had a great birthday, xoxox!

  4. Laura

    Happy birthday! (I like Kensington’s jean jacket!!)

  5. Hi, Happy Birthday!! I love diet coke too! Love that pic of you with your little girl!

  6. Hi, Happy Birthday!! I love diet coke too! Love that pic of you with your little girl!

  7. Michelle

    What a terrific birthday celebration – you have some very thoughtful friends!
    isn’t it fun getting unexpected surprises?
    Love you much!

  8. Hey very belated happy birthday wishes–haven’t had much time to cruise blogland lately! That pic of you and Kensington is just the sweetest. You’ll enjoy being a SAM!

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