Any info on GOCCO, puh-lease!!!

Ok—I'm all about finding fun and innovative ways to make new, fancy cards and handmade fabulous-ness for my stoppe and have seen tons of wonderful handmade cards made from GOCCO (a Japanese based machine that does something similar to a print on a card, but is different than a printer etc) and want/need/would like anyone's opinions/thoughts/suggestions on WHAT it is all about.

What is it like using the machine?

They are expensive machines, i know, so is it worth the $$ you dish out?

Easy to use?  Difficult if you are a blonde?





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2 responses to “Any info on GOCCO, puh-lease!!!

  1. Ah, I have no idea!!! But I hope you figure it out and make some cool things, missy! xo!

  2. Don’t know. But Erin at House on Hill Road has done some, I think, as well as Toni at Simple Sparrow. Maybe ask them…

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