loosening up a little.

So, I am a bit of a "by the book" type.  Not very spontaneous when it comes to the day to day activity.  I like plans and knowing what to expect and routine.  It suits me.  I used to apologize for it, but now, I embrace it.  I find that I am like this with Kensington and our day to day most of the time–
I have our routine and stick to it….

I was thinking about it this very thing yesterday while I was driving.  I have been all about savoring the moments that each day brings, but at times I think that I stifle certain special moments by sticking too closely to my schedule and not allowing room for flexibilty.  What does it really matter if she goes down for a nap a little late….or….dare I say it?!?!?!  NOT AT ALL?!?!?!  Obviously, I won't make this a habit, but  I know that if I don't loosen up a little, I WILL regret it later.  I know that I will have a conversation with myself later about how I should of held her for those extra 10 minutes, rather than rush home to get her to bed on time.  I know that I will be mad at myself for not letting her sit and have the pleasure of playing with other kids, sharing the same toys (hey….i get uptight about slobber -sharing….Im not going to lie) because I was so uptight about her getting a runny nose. 

Because of all of this thinking…I went a little crazy (for ME).  Last night…I couldnt sleep.  Sean was gone over night for a soccer tournament, so I stayed up late and got my craft on and finally decided I needed to get some sleep around 1am.  I hate sleeping in the bed alone and was just wanting to be around Kensington. So, WAIT FOR IT………
I went into her room-at 1am-and got her up and brought her into bed with me.  Yep.  Me.  I woke a sleeping baby (I can feel you moms cringing) and carried her into my room, got Molly on the bed and we both laid there and stared at each other and then fell asleep.  It was different and wonderful.  Not something I will make a habit, but a really great experiance for me and Kensington. 

And a reminder that I can let go at times and my child will not all of a  sudden turn into a monster and the world will not fall apart. 




3 responses to “loosening up a little.

  1. Kat Alvarado

    I always bring the kids in with me when Brian is gone…I feel ya

  2. Shanna

    I’m so glad you’ve learned this with your first. I was forced into it after Luke was born because, quite frankly, despite my best efforts I had no choice. It’s great to be able to mix it up a little- for both of you. You do a great job enjoying your baby- keep it up!

  3. Michelle

    this, my dear, is the beauty of the schedule!
    Once she knows it you can deviate from it when necessary. She is so well trained to sleep and eat on schedule that messing it up a little does not throw her into a tailspin for weeks at a time.
    I applaud you for doing this – dennis and i did it all the time with the top3 … josiah wakes up and does not go back to sleep – he may not get the privilege until he is older. ;o)

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