what’s up doc?

Things learned today at my child's 6 month check up:
*my child can roll her tongue (hereditary)
*she sat up, unassisted for the first time IN the doctor's office.  SHOW OFF!
*she is 16 pounds, 26.5 inches–in the 50th percentile for both
*her head, on the other hand, in true Strawsburg fashion, is in the 90th percentile.  it's like an orange on a toothpick:)
*she had a full conversation with the pediatrician.

All in all–it was a great appointment.




3 responses to “what’s up doc?

  1. Kat Alvarado

    I love Well baby checkups! It is wonderful to hear a doctor tell you about how wonderful your baby is. And you know Rachel, her head is so big beacuse she needs room for her gigantic brain, after all I’m sure she takes after her intelligent parents. =o)

  2. shanna

    Just like a super-kissable lollipop! =)

  3. emily

    YEAH!for healthy and happy babies! Good job Kensington!

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