a bit of heavy weather brewin’ and no mistake.

Actually, the title of that post could be misleading.  "Heavy" meaning GOOD things, not foreboding.
Exciting and new things are afoot at Cherry Tree Lane. I have already been accepted at 2 craft fairs for this Fall and Winter.  I'm FILING Cherry Tree Lane as an ACTUAL company this Friday.  Yep…that's right–I'm marching my "sole owner" behind down to the county clerks office to stand in a really long line to receive a fictitious business name.  I didn't think that I could be THIS excited.  But, I am.

When filling out the paperwork for my re-sale number and my business name, I had to write the words OWNER several times.  Each time, my pen stopped and I kinda just stared at the paper.  I mean, it's just a few handmade cards or coasters–nothing BIG.  Nothing monumental or life changing.  I haven't revolutionized the world by creating the next "swoosh" brand or a product that you just CAN'T live without….like a flat-iron.


It's mine.  Something that I create and comes from my hands, heart and mind. 

It's just a really exciting, interesting and anxious feeling.



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3 responses to “a bit of heavy weather brewin’ and no mistake.

  1. Kent Strawsburg

    You do own it and starting out with a particular product can lead to something where you might be on one of those American Express commercials making cards for hundreds of thousands of people. Hallmark started small:):)

  2. Mary

    That is SO exciting! Yeah for you!! I like your dad’s thinking… 🙂

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