fried green tomatoes

Our book club met last night and the cuisine was SOUTHERN (can you say FATTENING?).  Our book pick this last month was TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  It spurred on lively and fun conversation and we all went away learning quite a bit (at least I like to think so)…

On the menu was *biscuits and butter*sweet potato's in orange cups*fried green tomatoes*coca-cola cupcakes*boysenberry cream cheese cake*spinach and pasta salad*tasty beverages*

It was fabulous! Look!  I cooked my fried green tomatoes in a cast iron skillet!
PS–there aren't tons of photos because, HELLO, I'm the hostess and don't have time! 🙂
*Not pictured are Shanna, Patti (our newest member), myself, Kat and our virtual SKYPE member-Mel!)*






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7 responses to “fried green tomatoes

  1. shanna

    so fun and soooo yummy!

  2. What a great idea to base a dinner on a recent book of the month! Unfortunately, my only reading has been to a two and a half year old so we’d have to base our dinner on Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving..toast, popcorn and jellybeans:/

  3. YUM! I love fried green tomatoes, and everything else looks delish too!

  4. Mary

    Thanks for hosting, Rachel! You’re so fabulous!

  5. Noelle

    Thanks again Rachel! I had such a great time!

  6. Fun! Gotta love book club and looks like you went all out. Yay for reading!!!

  7. COCA COLA cupcakes?!!! Well, I am off to google that one right now! Looks like you had so much fun Rachel.

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