Oy Vey!

I just got discharged from the hospital this morning after being there since Wednesday a.m.  I ended up having a Appendectomy (removal of appendix) and it was no fun.
I'll spare you the nasty details but I had some SERIOUS stomach pain Tuesday night starting at 9pm, kinda like I was going to DIE.  It hurt so bad, but I began to vomit (sorry…but necessary detail) so I just thought it was the stomach flu and thought I would wait it out, since I get the flu like twice a year (joys of working with kids).  When the pain (stabbing-ish) would not go away, I started to think that something might be "wrong", but not wanting to sit in a waiting room and not wanting to jump to the most dramatic situation, I laid in bed until the next morning around 7am in pain (You know those weapons in kung fu that are little balls with spikes on them?  It felt like one of those was being thrown around in my stomach, Jackie Chan style).

So, we went to Los Alamitos Medical Center and was admitted into the ER quickly, and given a MIRACLE drug that made Rachel VERY happy the minute it was injected into the IV.  They gave me Ultrasounds and Cat Scans and decided it was a "bowel obstruction", but just as they were informing me of how they cure a bowel obstruction (involving sticking a tube down my throat and sucking things from my stomach), a doctor whisks in and says (and I quote), "She has Appendicitis and an ovarian cyst and a urinary tract infection!" and leaves with his doctors coat trailing behind him in a gust of wind.  I L-O-V-E some doctors bedside manner.
So…after waiting 15 hours, they finally did surgery (at midnight on Wed) with my poor red-eyed husband sitting in the waiting room until I got out of recovery at 1:30am.  WHY did it take 15 hours you ask?  We don't know, and as much as Los Alamitos was a nice, quaint hospital when it came to getting me into the ER fast, it was obviously very difficult for them to track down a doctor and keep tabs on him or when he would be available.  That's a whole other story, for another post.

Anyhoo…I was discharged this morning and am now at home with my husband and baby (being separated from your 5 mo. old and husband for any amount of time is aweful) where my husband is rubbing my back and I am trying to type the fatest blog post EVER. (I haven't been the computer for almost 3 days!  And can you believe that I didn't even miss it THAT much?!?) While I sitting here and getting a back rub, I thought I would open my email box (hello, 500 new messages) and write a quick post to all of you.

Off to LALA land for me and hopefully I will be back in action next week–until then, Im going to continue my little computer sabbatical and try and relax.  

Have a great weekend–I will be taking many looooooong naps! 


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3 responses to “OY.

  1. shanna

    Rachel! Oh my gosh! I’m glad you’re okay. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING.

  2. Oy vey, indeed!
    Praying for a quick recovery!

  3. emily

    OH MY GOSH!!! WOW! I echo shanna… if there is anything you need feel free to call! Get better soon.

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