I love handmade.

Some of my most memorable gifts are handmade.  
Some fall apart….some fade….some even break.
But they always make me think of the person that gave them to me. 
When I sit down and make something, I think about the person I'm making it for.  As funny as it sounds, I imagine their face when I hand it to them and hope that they get really excited when they open it.  I hope that they use it all the time (and if they don't, at least they take a look at it every now and then).Nothing hurts more than giving someone a handmade gift and they just say, "That's nice" and move on to the next.  You want them to know how you thought about them and wanted to make each detail perfect….you didn't do it just to be cheap and save on the sweater from Banana Republic.
It makes me appreciate the Christmas my Grandma Strawsburg made EACH of the family members (grown men included) sweatshirts  that had embroidery on them.  I did'nt think it was the best present EVER at the age of 7, but I realize at this point that a gift like that is so meaningful. If I could do it over, I would say thank you a million times for that gray sweatshirt with a green frog on it….
So…I decided to take a few pictures of some old and new handmade gifts that are so special to me. 
Thanks Katy for the "Cooking with Katy" cookbook.  I used it today (and have used it MANY times in the past).  7 years old and still hangin' on.
Thanks Nicole for the denim blanket.  We use it ALL THE TIME and I still laugh when i look at the plaid fabric and realize you actually wore a pair of shorts made of it.  
Thanks Beth for the necklace. I love that you made me jewelry!  Its my favorite hostess gift to date!
Check out Beth's store HERE!
I am excited to get started on holiday handmade happiness!


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2 responses to “I love handmade.

  1. That’s sweet. I think it’s hurtful because we pour our little hearts into our work.
    and we just want to be appreciated. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I so respect and appreciate with “hand talent”. I sadly lack in this area but I am always willing to support those who possess it!
    In fact, my gorgeous bedskirt was hand made by a 16-year-old who is learning to be a seamstress and had never tackled this kind of a project. I knew I had to make my own as store-bought’s were not cutting it. I had the fabric but no skilled sewer and then I though, “What about Demi? She wants to learn, this is a new skill, her expert grandmother can assist and she will earn money for her mission trip.” It worked out fabulously, I LOVE it, and everytime I see it I think of her and pray for her. A win-win on every side!
    You have great talent Rachel – and you will be able to bring income to your family because of it – I guarantee it! :o)

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