Good Dog Carl?

Ok…so we read to Kensington at night before bed and pick a new book each night.  
Tonight was “Good Dog Carl”.  
Have any of you read it?  It is seriously hilarious, in a weird way.  It’s a book about a parent who leaves her infant with a dog and all the adventures the dog and infant go on.  
I can’t decide which part is more bizarre….the fact that the mother left the baby with the family pet while she went shopping, or the fact that the dog put the baby in the fish tank.

But hey…Kensington enjoyed the read, so I guess that is all that matters?
My friend Gina made a good point–the most fun part of this book is that it has no words!  So, it was especially humorous to listen to Sean’s interpretation and hear him ask Kensington,
 “Is this what mommy does when I go to work?”



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  1. gina

    Yah, we have that book…and I think it’s way cute. You didn’t mention that it doesn’t actually have any words – that would’ve been noteworthy of being bizarre. It’s fun though because you can make stuff up! I think it’ll be more of favorite once sweet Kensington can talk and make up the story herself. 🙂

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