safe keeping

When I got Kensington up this morning, I could’nt find her pacifier.  WHERE WAS IT!!!????  I hate losing pacifiers and I feel like we have bought AT LEAST 100 since she was born, so where could it be?
And then, while I was feeding her cereal this morning….I spotted it.  
I dont know WHY this was so cute to me, but it was.  Indulge me.



3 responses to “safe keeping

  1. Brenna

    I also HATE losing pacifiers! I’ll be looking for one for weeks and all of a sudden Brooklyn will coming walking up with it in her mouth. I think she has a secret place where she stores them:)

  2. Yes, it was cute. Tucked away safe for a binky emergency!

  3. shanna

    I know! I have run myself ragged more than once looking for those stupid pacis!

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