summer nights…..

It is HOT at our house in the summer (no A/C and the sun setting on the window side of our house) so Sean and I spend alot of our time outdoors in the California summer.

Once the bebe is asleep, we light up the fire, sit down and sip on a beverage…and just chat. 

Nothing beats it.  

So relaxing.


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4 responses to “summer nights…..

  1. Ooooh how nice, and it HAS been hot in So Cal, hasn’t it?! I seriously need some ice cream right now to cool down a bit haha! 🙂 xo!

  2. Melissa

    My California summer consists of fog that floats across from the Golden Gate Bridge, across the bay, and then proceeds to park itself over my house. Therefore I can’t sit outside on a lovely summer night in July at my house without my parka…

  3. Michelle

    THAT is the life!

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