Sean was putting Kensington down to bed tonight and I came in to give her the routine kiss on the head and “I love you”, and then he placed her in the crib and turned on the mobile.  I had walked into the bathroom when I heard, “Rachel, you know what we should do?”…..thinking he was going to have a clever idea about toy placement in the crib or something otherwise related to bedtime routine, I was so touched and surprised when, after I asked, he said, “We need to start praying with Kensington each night at bedtime.”

And so we both grabbed a little hand and Sean prayed for her.  For the plans that God has for her and for us as parents.  

It was amazing and my heart was so full at that moment.



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2 responses to “wow.

  1. Aww…bedtime prayer is one of my favorite family routines. That and praying in the car on the way to school each morning during the school year.
    I love it. My kids love it. And they won’t go to sleep without it.
    (Plus, who doesn’t LOVE holding those sweet little hands?!)

  2. Michelle

    That’s exactly as it should be.

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