our weekend

4th of July weekend always includes the IWC (Independence Weekend Classic), which is a basketball tourney that Sean has played in now for 12 years (it might be 13)….so we have been going to this for YEARS.  This summer was no exception.  My brave husband got out there and played 6 full court games each day for 3 days in a row and was awesome!  It is always a weekend to look forward to.  Last year I attended the IWC and had JUST found out I was pregnant (and was sick the entire time)…so it was wonderful to bring the beebs and introduce her to everyone!  Action shots of Sean:



Above: My husband, half way through the second day.  Exhausted.

They are very serious about scorekeeping:

Kensington and I walked over to the games 2 of the days and really enjoyed watching daddy play–Kensington enjoyed rolling over and over again and found it amusing to pull my hair.
We also had a BBQ for church and Sean was the grill master!

 Our family from up north came and visited!  Mel, Jake, Charlie and little Josie were around and so we were able to spend some time with them–we always get excited 

when they come down!  At long last, the cousins meet!!!
Josie chillin’ in the BUMBO:
Melissa is a photographer and took some beautiful shots of Kensington.  They are simply amazing.  If ANY of you are ever in need of a photographer for anything, please check out her blog HERE and contact her.  She is amazing!  Here are a few of the shots she took.
Reeves Family 023
Reeves Family 021 - Version 2
Reeves Family 031-1
Reeves Family 181 - Version 2-1
Our weekend was really fun and a wonderful reminder of the freedoms that we not only experience by living in this wonderful country, but also because we are children of the Lord!


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4 responses to “our weekend

  1. Wow! Look at your gorgeous family…

  2. Michelle

    Looks like a fabulous weekend!
    I love when people come to visit …. it makes life fun when you are anticipating something!
    I am impressed with Sean’s physical prowess. :o)
    Hve a fantastic week, my friend!

  3. You are a good wife. I hid this read from my Fancy as I hate sports and wouldn’t ever watch him play anything. Maybe if I had a Kensington to keep me preoccupied I could ‘pretend’ to watch.

  4. mary

    I LOVE the pictures Melissa took! Especially the one of all of you. 🙂

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