it’s all good in the hood…..

Thanks everyone for wishing Kensington a happy 4 months!  
We just got back from her 4 month well appointment and the doctor says that she is doing great and is a happy, healthy kiddo!  
I learned from last time that I would be spacing out/denying certain vaccines and so she only received one shot today, cried for about 5 seconds and then smiled at the nurse and spit out her paci at him.  
She’s a champ!
She also found the paper on the bed very interesting and fun to rip and try to put in her mouth.  
(Don’t worry people–I didn’t let her eat it).
All in all, it was a fun, reassuring and easy doctor’s appt.  
We love our pediatrician and will see her again at 6 months!


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5 responses to “it’s all good in the hood…..

  1. mary

    Good! She is adorable! I love her!!

  2. shanna

    I’m so glad it went well. It’s wonderful when you love your doc.

  3. Yeay!!
    if you ever get the chance – would you mind telling me what vaccines you denied and why- i want to be ready and learned when i have to make these decisions (eventhough they are like at least 2 years away)

  4. lovely pictures! she is adorable!

  5. sarah Ireland

    I can’t get over her sweet head of hair…i love it!!! Shanna tells me that she and paige are super mello…we r lucky moms!!!

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