God is so good.

This week at Summer Bible Camp has come with lots of surprises, but I am never surprised by children's wonderful ideas and sincere hearts. This weeks camp is all about service and how we can serve the Lord in our own "backyard".  Each day the kids are challenged to serve others (family, friends, the church, neighbors etc) and it has been so wonderful to see their ideas on how they can help out.  At the end of each day, they get a "helping hand" and write one way they are going to serve that night at home.  
God has been so good this week. (Isn't He always?) He offers each of us peace, rest and assurance that His plan will prevail.  He gives His workers enough "fight" and just enough to do battle. 
I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds and will let you know all about it at it's conclusion.  Until then, I wanted to post two of my favorite "service ideas" that the children came up with.  One that just made me laugh, and one that made my heart melt.
Have a fabulous day and keep praying for the kids at camp!!!



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2 responses to “God is so good.

  1. Oh my gosh, those are sooooo cute!! Isn’t it great what kids come up with????! šŸ™‚ Glad you are having such a great time with this!!! Can’t wait to see where you are going on “vacation”!!! xoxox

  2. Michelle


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