are you SERIOUS?

I wasn't going to blog this week, but when I saw THIS i was just in a state of shock.

My friend Josh and I always teased that when I had a little girl I would dress her up just like me, in heels and all (since I RARELY wear flats) and we brushed it off with a "haha!", obviously joking. Never thinking that it was really an option or that it should be.

To be honest, when I saw this, it made my blood boil.  Some people may look at it and find it cute or silly, but clearly, this company is very serious about putting these "shoes" on your little one.  REALLY?  FOR REAL?  Who sits around in their living room thinking, "I got a great idea for a little newborn girl!  Snakeskin heels!  In magenta!  Perfect!"

Personally, I think it is DISGUSTING.  

What's next?  Baby G-strings? Baby thong bathing suits?
 And before you say, "they would never do that!"….I'm pretty sure that if you ask your mom if she thought they would ever be making baby high heels, she would say the same thing. 

I am just irritated and needed to put it out there.  

Just one mom's opinion!


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3 responses to “are you SERIOUS?

  1. nicole

    Josh says thats hot!

  2. nicole

    Josh says thats hot!

  3. That is out of control ridiculous. Are those really for real!?

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