Fathers Day Part Duex

We had a great Father's Day weekend and I wanted to post a few more pics.  We had dinner on Saturday night with Grandma Helen at Lucille's (I dont need to eat again for a week) and then dinner tonight with Grandma and Grandpa Strawsburg and Uncle Jonathan.  Sean got a great package of delights from Keihls (thanks Helen–I am going to use it too!) and a super fabulous bouncer for Kensington from my mom and dad.  AND….my mom assembled the bouncer so Sean didnt have to–that is a gift by itself!
A highlight of the weekend was that Sean (#10) was invited to play at The Home Depot Center and his team won!  (Of course Sean scored the goal…..so perfect for Father's Day!).  Kensington loves watching any sports (ESPN is her favorite station on Tv), but she was especially mesmerized watching daddy on the "big field".
It was a memorable and special Father's Day–especially since we spent it with family.  The rest of the night will be spent playing video games, watching the LAKERS and relaxing–as it should be on Father's Day!  Praise the Lord for my husband and my father-both amazing men!!!


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3 responses to “Fathers Day Part Duex

  1. Michelle

    What a great weekend you all had!
    WooHoo on the goal, Sean!
    Love the plaid shorts – you know, not every guy can pull off that look!
    You will love your bouncer – many hours of fun to come – and sanity when she is crawling and you need her to stay put. :o)
    Love you both!

  2. Dana

    Gosh – how adorable is Kensington! She is a beauty and I totally love her hair!!! Tell Sean Happy belated Father’s Day!

  3. Oh that hair and red headband in the jumpy saucer!!! How stinkin’ cute is that!

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