a little of this, a little of that.

This weekend, both my "babies" were sick.  Sean got sick first and then Kensington…but fortunately, both are on the mend.  We took the weekend easy and just laid around.  We did make time for a short trip to the park down the street and were SO excited when Kensington rolled over, with NO assistance at all, while we were just sitting there! We were also transported back to our youth when we heard the ice cream man…so Sean ran to the truck and got us one:)  Simple pleasures, i suppose.

IMG_1162 IMG_1174 IMG_1178 IMG_1183 IMG_1193 IMG_1189 

Today my mom brought over my injured pepper bear.  Do you remember when I posted about that awhile back?  It had cracked and it went to the bear hospital (aka…my parents house).  Well, my dad fixed it, and while it sits a little higher than it's pal "salty", i say he looks mighty fine and happy to be home!  Thanks Dad!  (Ps–does anyone spot the little gnome in this picture?  Thanks Em!)


And, Im sending out one of my favorite handmade cards that I have done.  Someone snatched it up in 
the shoppe this week….sad to see it go, but happy that it will go to someone that will send it to a loved one!
IMG_1247 IMG_1246
Now it is back to work for me!!


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One response to “a little of this, a little of that.

  1. Michelle

    I love days like this – simple, pleasant, memorable.
    And who does not get a little fluuet inside when they hear the ice cream truck?
    (Dennis loathes ours, however, because he plays Christmas music all year long!!)

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