small, tiny space of me.

After many months of working on the garage, we finally established order.  Lots has been going on and Sean has had millions of small projects, so the garage was put on hold for a bit.  When Sean started working on the garage this past weekend I was delighted and he cleaned it up and assembled a rack for all my goodies.  He cleaned the garage out and it is ready to work in.  It has been kinda hard having all my church work AND crafting on the dinner table all the time (we have become very acquainted with TV trays as of late).

So I was filled with joy and glee as I walked out to the garage tonight with my video IPod (thank you brother) and my computer–ready to get some work done for summer bible camp and then finish up some cards I have been asked to make!  I am so enjoying myself out here!
Here are several pictures of my humble work space–and an empty business card holder, waiting to be filled…..

Back to work!

IMG_1140 IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1149

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  1. oh i LOVE seeing work spaces!! this is a great one toO!!

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