doing something now, to give something later.

Im reading a book about a woman who kept a 5 year diary when she was younger.  She was able to re-visit that time with great nostalgia and look at her life like it was brand new again.

I got to thinking how interesting and eye opening it might be if Kensington could look back at my thoughts when she is older…maybe at even the same time in her life.  
I started scouring the web to find a really nice 5 year Diary that I could begin to write in.  Most that I found were real modern looking and didnt have the "feel" that I wanted.  The ones that did have the "feel" I wanted were upwards of 100 bucks and I just didnt have the cash to spend on that right now.

I was a little sad….when I found the following 5 year Diary on CRAIGS LIST!  It was 5 dollars and from 
1942-1947.  It has a ladies name in the front, but she never wrote in it.  The diary is blank and ready for ME.  
Not to mention, the lady that I bought it from noticed that I worked at a church and we got to talking and she also works at a church up in Oregon…..

I can't wait to start writing and will hopefully have a wonderful piece of me to give to Kensington someday.

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2 responses to “doing something now, to give something later.

  1. What an awesome idea, something that your daughter will cherish one day I’m sure! And that journal is adorable by the way!

  2. Michelle

    I keep journals for all ofmy boys – I start whenI find out I am pregnant and I write about what they are doing in their lives as well as when the Lord puts something on my heart to share with them.
    I also keep prayer journals and Dennis and i each have a journal that we write in instead of giving cards.
    I am an AVID jornal writer and journal keeper. The only reason we know anything about the great minds of the past – especially Christians – is because they WROTE THEM DOWN!! Their strengths and weaknesses, joys, successes, failures …
    It is an incredible legacy to leave for those who come behind us.
    And I could buy a nerw journal EVERY DAY! I love the feel of the leather and man alive – there are some expensive ones out there – why do Italians need to charge so much for a piece of a dead cow, I ask you?

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