hello, old friend….

You know when you see an old friend after a LONG time and your heart skips a beat and an instant smile crosses over your face?  No?
Well…that is how I felt after I set up my trusty sewing machine this morning. (Grant it, it was dug out to mend a pair of my brothers jeans…but that isnt the point…)  I walked back into the room after I had plugged it in and turned it on and it just made me happy.  Truth be told, I havent done tons of sewing since I got pregnant.  Morning sickness, pregnancy, work, birth and being a mom has given my quite a bit to do….but I'm a bit more settled now and ready to go back to something I enjoy so much.

I'm off to do church work right now…but OH!  I cant wait to have some diet coke and get reacquainted with my dear friend BERNINA later tonight….




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2 responses to “hello, old friend….

  1. Hi there,
    So glad you pulled out your Bernina!
    Wonder what she will whisper to you to make next! Can’t wait to see.
    Have a great day with your little sweetie!

  2. A BERNINA!!!!!!!!! wow..*jealous* thats awesome..and hooray for getting her out today!!
    Make something fun…woo!!
    (and thats for tagging me – at least i think its me – i intend to do it!~ just been crazy busy this week!)

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