Something new…

I have been creating fun things once Kensington goes to bed and have been having such fun! Nothing makes me more excited than getting a fun card in the mail and I feel (my friend Katy and I talk about this all the time) that noone sends snail mail anymore! Its a dying art and I will try to revive it!

So, I have been making fun, quirky notecards in my spare time (HA! What free time??!!). I’m having such fun and have “opened” up my own little shop on a wonderful site for independent crafters and designers called ETSY.

Please visit, stay awhile and shop! I hope to make new things often!

Here is my ETSY Shoppe–Cherry Tree Lane!

You can also get to my shoppe by clicking on the images on the left hand side of the blog!



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7 responses to “Something new…

  1. Dad

    Cool idea on the cards!! Good for you:):)

  2. I miss written letters! There is nothing like getting mail, nothing! I tried to set up a group to have pen pals, yea that went over like a lead balloon. At first it was a lot of letters and then, nothing. I miss having pen pals.

  3. Dear Kensington Jane!
    Thank you for dropping by Rochambeau.
    Your cards are festive and such fun! YES to snail mail and your card revolution!!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! I really appreciate it, its hard to get visitors!! haha Anyway – i LOVE your cards!!! and I totally agree, people should send more snail mail…Beautiful work, and thanks again!!

  5. Dear Rachel,
    Just realized you sent me a note, it went into my junk by accident. Just want to say thank you!

  6. Congrats on your new Etsy shop! Your cards look great. And thanks for your comment on my blog! I love meeting new bloggers!!

  7. Your cards are adorable.. I am off to peek at your Etsy shop now haha!! 🙂

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