Happy Cinco De Mayo and a turtle

So, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo tonight in STLYE with burritos, chips and LIMON soda from Chronic Taco’s on Bellflower Blvd. YUM. I ate the entire burrito, because what the heck!!! I lost weight at Weight Watchers, so WHY NOT gain it all back in one meal????



There has been some question from some of you as to “what exactly is “star gazing with the star turtle””???
I posted about it awhile ago, but it is so darn cute, that I tried to get some pictures of it. Basically, Kensington and Sean lay on the bed once it starts to get dark and turn on the “turtle”. It has little tiny holes on it that are star shaped and project on the ceiling and walls (in actual true-to-life constellations) and Kensington talks and talks and then usually conks out and we have to re-wake her up, swaddle her, put her to bed and say good night and all that good stuff. It is so precious.






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3 responses to “Happy Cinco De Mayo and a turtle

  1. mary

    I can’t wait to see the turtle plugged in!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss, you rock star! Kensington falling asleep under the stars- has to be one of the most precious things ever. =)

  3. The other day, a friend asked, “when is cinco de mayo?” I thought that was too funny! Kensington is too cute! Look at that hair! 🙂

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