some time at the park and some GOOD NEWS!

So…I went for a walk and to the park today on my “lunch break” with my fabulous friend Nicole and her son Ezekiel. It was so much fun….we had a picnic and sat and chat for a bit. I had never been to a park during the middle of the day and it was PACKED with moms and kids. I tell you–this whole motherhood is like a new world to me. There are new things to learn to use, new places to go and just TONS of “new-ness”.
Well…while I was there, I got a call from my husband who had an interview that morning with Long Beach City College for a position there and…….


I was so proud. After many applications and meetings with other schools, the Lord brought just the right position for him. He is now the assistant coach of the girls soccer team and will also be teaching a class in the summer and fall for the girls soccer team. I am so proud of him!
Sean is now a part time faculty member at Long Beach City College! Doesn’t that sound mature? I feel like a real grown up!!!! God is good!

Here are some pictures of our time at the park:








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2 responses to “some time at the park and some GOOD NEWS!

  1. wow! Congratulations! 🙂 That is fantastic! 🙂
    oh and cute pics of the little ones…

  2. Michelle

    CONGRATS, Sean! You have officially entered the world of Academia! Enjoy!
    Welcome to momhood, Rach – just be careful not to get sucked too deeply in to the vortex. ;o)
    Love the photos – she is getting BIG!
    Calendar is adorable – always fun to find those little treasures.
    I am so proud of you for pushing through the scheduling and making your life your own by training Kensington to eat and sleep in a way that is a huge benefit to her and to your family.
    Love you!

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