good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

Hey all….
Well, my little girl is 9 weeks old tomorrow and I just cant believe this is going by so fast. Our days seem to FLY by. She takes such good naps that I have big 2-3 hour chunks of time to get lots of work done for church and around the house. However, about 15 minutes before her nap is over, I sit on the couch and count down the minutes until I get to walk in and wake her up. The best is when I take off her swaddle and she throws her arms up above her head and smiles at me. She is always so happy after a good nap (aren’t we all??). This week she has been talking so much and I just want to capture all these precious moments in a bottle. Sean and I are hoping to get a video camera soon so that we can tape all the cool things she does. The newest thing that Kensington likes to do is lay on our bed before her bedtime for about 20 minutes with daddy and stare at the “stars”. (We have a “light up turtle” that shines constellations on the ceiling)

I know that this post isn’t tooo exciting, but I just wanted to share a little about how special my little girl is to me and to us. Here are some pictures of this last week of:

1. Grandma Helen came over to visit on Sunday 2. It was SO hot on Monday that Kensington fell asleep while having “tummy time” on the couch 3. smiling is a frequent occurrence these days and 4. she loves her “Wednesdays with daddy”!!





I hope that everyone has a GREAT day and enjoys the California weather!


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