Weekend….(as told by Kensington)

We watched daddy’s soccer team on Saturday (they tied, so sad):


We visited Uncle Jonathan’s new apartment on Saturday and I took a nap on his soft blanket:


I left him a little treat before I left. hahahahahahahahahahahaha:


We went for a walk that night and I got all bundled up:


I went to church yesterday (mom didnt have time to take a picture–she was busy visiting her classrooms!) and mom told me my ENTIRE outfit, down the diapers, was from my Granmama S. I looked so pretty in my dress and bloomers!

Then Grandma Helen dropped by a treat for me! Look at my new socks that I can wear when I go to DisneyLand for the first time! She said that she is going to get a DisneyLand pass too! I cant wait to go and have so much fun!!! Thanks Grandma Helen!!!:


But…mom and dad don’t think that I am feeling my best. I woke up early from all my naps and wanted to eat ALOT, so mom is keeping me in the house for the next few days and we are going to the doctor tomorrow. She thinks that I am going through a “growth spurt” maybe. I guess that I needed the sleep because I slept from 9:30pm until 5:30am and then fell asleep again until 8:15am this morning! And I am laying down for a nap again right now! I am a tired little baby–so Im off to lala land, but I wanted to share my weekend with you! Have a great day everyone!



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