baby monopoly

Since bringing her home from the hospital, I have noticed that Sean likes to spend quite a bit of time with his daughter. As we all know, infants sleep alot and so time with her alert and awake is only in about 45 minute increments and so in our house, it is a fight who gets to hold her.

Sean currently has the monopoly on the child. He is what I like to call (affectionately), “baby hog”. I will even go over and ask (nicely), “do you want me to take her” and he takes her and props her up on his shoulder and tightens his grasp (like Im going to swipe her away at any moment) and just says….”no, I like her. Its ok.”

Im not complaining at all-its such a sweet thing to see…..







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One response to “baby monopoly

  1. I cannot believe how much she has grown and changed in the last 6 weeks….. I love that I know how many years and weeks Bekah is because I say well kensington is 6 weeks and 2 days so bekah is 4 years 6 weeks and 2 days…. ohhhh that makes me sad….. 😦
    They grow so quick…. I am so glad you are enjoying the baby moments, they are gone in a flash…. Kensington has such good parents 🙂

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