who are you foolin’ Miley?

Ok, so I don’t watch Hannah Montana or listen to her albums, but who can avoid the insanity that is MILEY CYRUS? Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is EVERYWHERE and she is being touted as the next big thing (actually, i think she IS the big thing). She is the most popular thing for young girls these days.

At first, I was pretty pleased that there was a “tweener” out there that wasnt walking around half naked, ala Mrs. Spears and she wasn’t hung-over every weekend, out at the clubs with Lindsey Lohan and Paris. I thought to myself a few times, “Good for her! That is what the young pre-teen and teen girls need these days! A young lady that is fun and hip and not naked all the time! She even says that she is a Christian and her parents seem pretty stable too! This is great!”
Trust me–when all I see are little girls in my ministry wanting to dress/act/dance/act like Madonna and Britney Spears, you are glad when someone “conservative” like Miley comes along!

And then, I started seeing pictures of her at awards shows. Her skirts were getting shorter and her blouses were getting lower. Even in an interview with Barbara Wa-Wa she was wearing knee high boots and a skirt that could fit Kensington, and I just thought….hmmm…….
More and more I was seeing this girl…and she IS a GIRL…..show up at things looking like a woman. And an UNDERDRESSED woman at that.

AND THEN I watched American Idol Gives Back last night. She performed. And in true Hollywood style, she completely conformed to what they want from her. A little 15-year old sex kitten. It was actually sad to me. There were little kids in the audience WITH their parents and singing along to her song like it was Barney up there. As I watched it, I reckoned back to little Miss Spears when she showed up on the scene. Hollywood took her from girl to woman in less than a year, and I venture to say that is EXACTLY what they are going to do with Miley Cyrus. As I sat there and watched her suggestively dance around on stage, I thought to myself, “Ok Mr and Mrs Cyrus…you have the chance to really make sure your kid doesnt go down that path. Come on….dont let Hollywood steal your child from you.”

It made me realize how subtle and quick things seep into our lives and steal us from what we are, what we want to be and what we know is right. It happens all the time to me. I KNOW what I should be doing, and yet the idea of something else is so appealing, so I just try a little bit and then a little more and before you know it you you dont remember what you were doing or who you were to begin with…..

Hopefully Miley will prove me wrong. But I dont think so.



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3 responses to “who are you foolin’ Miley?

  1. Jonathan Strawsburg

    The problem here is not the 15 year old sex kitten… rather the show that it airs on and the fact that you and america watches it.
    My .02.

  2. Oh, how disappointing. I remember seeing her and her dad interviewed on Oprah and being so impressed.

  3. Stacy

    This reminds me of Pastor Brent’s message and the song “Slow Fade”. It’s sad but they may not even realize the change she has made because it’s come on so gradually. An inch here, an inch there and next thing you know… I thought the message and song were excellent and it just shows that you really can’t compromise on your beleifs because you may slowly change into the exact person you never wanted to be.

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