a day away

As I may have told some of you, last weekend, I spilled a full DIET COKE on my MAC.  It was a moment of horror, since I love my computer (And never want to see a good DC go to waste).  Fortunately, MAC is fabulous and is repairing it for free because Sean had the forsight to buy the protection plan when we bought it.  However, that left me with no computer all day Monday and this morning. 

This will seem like a "no duh" statment, but you REALLY dont realize how much you use something until it is taken away from you.  Duh, right?

I love my computer.  Im not going to lie.  I love emailing people and checking out neat websites and posting on my blog.  It is fun for me and a nice treat to do in quiet moments of the day.  HOWEVER…I didnt realize how many of those "quiet moments" I had created for myself until the computer wasnt sitting on my kitchen table.

Yesterday was such a nice day because there wasnt an option to spend anytime on the computer and although i love my "surfing" on the web, I enjoyed not having to check email, respond or post for a day.  In fact, it made me see how often im really on the computer and how I REALLY dont need to spend that much time on it at all.  I can call, write or walk to someone’s house to talk to them. I can look something up in a book instead of searching info on the web to answer my questions.  I can LOOK at my child, rather than download pictures of her, while she is sitting in her swing. 

Now, Im sure that Im all alone in this and NONE of you are strapped to your computer and you all wait until your children are asleep and only spend 10 minutes a day on the computer .  Good for you!  But, if you are like me and need to be reminded that you may be spending a little too much time on the net, I encourage you to turn it off for a day!  You can do it!  Its actually quite nice!!!!!

And….it gives you time to do other, more important things!  Look at the dinner I cooked last night for Sean and I with all my "computer time"…..

Reeves_005 Reeves_004 Reeves_006 Reeves_007

Dont worry–I will still post and write and all that fun stuff.  I just want to be aware of how much time on the computer is "necessity" and how much is just plain distraction!  🙂 



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2 responses to “a day away

  1. Michelle

    HA! I love it! So true.
    The irony, however, is that you are BLOGGING about NOT BLOGGING!
    What did Ma Ingalls EVER do without a lap top?

  2. mary

    That looks good! I want the recipe…

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