Law and Order…

So… after one of Kensington’s naps yesterday, I went to fold laundry in the bedroom or something and Sean was playing with her. They were laughing and playing and talking. Then it got quiet and I came to see what was going on, and THIS is what I find….


YEP. That is my wonderful husband and my baby watching TV (note the remote in his hand). When I said, “WHY is she watching the TV???”, his response was “She is learning about Law…..and Order…..”

So…I said….”Well, if she is learning about both Law and Order, than ok….” :):)




2 responses to “Law and Order…

  1. Jake

    That’s HOT!

  2. mary

    You know, good for Kensington, though, because clearly she averted her eyes to the television.

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