Easter Day Festivities

Easter was a wonderful holiday. We took Kensington to church for the first time (all dolled up in a beautiful dress from my mom) and she had fun (well…SHE was a asleep, but WE had fun seeing friends and family)….

We then went to my mom and dad’s house for Easter dinner with Seans mom, uncle and my brother. It was so good and we also tried Kensington out in her very own vintage pram that my mom and dad restored. She is already such a princess (but dont tell daddy that!).

We hope that your Easter was special and that you were able to reflect on the importance of such sacred holiday.









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3 responses to “Easter Day Festivities

  1. OH MY GOSH!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I am sorry didn’t you just have a baby?…. you are not supposed to start looking human again for at least a couple of months. ;)Love the pram….. and tell Sean it is inevitable….. THEY ALL BECOME PRINCESSES!!!! Just wait until she starts watching all the Disney movies….. then there is no holding her back!

  2. nicole

    What a beautiful pram!! I just love it. You all looked fabulous!

  3. Michael Strawsburg

    She looks beautiful, I love the hair. I’m bummed I didn’t go on Easter and missed out on seeing you and the baby (I saw Sean last week). I really want to see you and the baby sometime soon.
    Love you lots

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