things that stick around

Sometimes I am so grateful for friends that stick around, and we were cleaning out my picture drawers this weekend..and I came across pictures of some people that have been around for a long time. Im so grateful for these ladies and especially for all the advice and help they have given me through my pregnancy.
Its good to know that some friends are around forever.

Sorry ladies for posting these OLD pictures, but I just had to.

Thanks Michelle, Em and Shanna. Love you girls!






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3 responses to “things that stick around

  1. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While the pictures are too much to handle the sentiment behind them is soooo true. I don’t know what I would do with out you dear friend. You have been an incredible blessing and your friendship is irreplaceable. Lots of love:)

  2. Who is that ghost sitting with you?! Oh the good old days. =)

  3. Michelle

    Are you kidding? I was only 26 years old in that photo – I do not mind it being “old” at all! :o)
    Now, 10 years of life experience and 5 children later – I am happy to be reminded of the “good ole days”!
    I have loved you since i Met you as a 15-year-old girl and I love you more as a woman, a wife and a mother. I look forward to growing old and still chatting when we have false teeth, saggy breasts (oh, wait – that is now!) and random memory recall.
    You are a gem and I love you!

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