all packed up and ready to go.

Well, after seeing the doctor on Wednesday, we realized that it might be a smart idea to gather things for the hospital and be ready to go whenever Kensington decides to join us. The nursery is now 100% finished. We got our fun closet curtains (I never thought I would use denim as a material to decorate my home, but I actually LOVE them for the nursery) and our comfy new chair (I love to sit in it and stare out the window and dream about all kinds of things).



We also got the baby’s stuff ready to take to the hospital. Her “going home” outfit is actually the outfit that I wore home from the hospital…down to the shoes and socks. Isn’t the shawl precious? It was hand knitted by my grandmother.




We have a few onesies and diapers ready and of course my nursing cover up that my friend Nicole made me!!
I just cant say how excited we are. The nursery door stays shut most of the time to keep the dog hair and our smaller critter Ramona out of there….and one of the funnest parts of my day is walking by and opening it up and the sense of wonder that it brings. What will she be like? What will she look like? Will she grow to understand how much she can accomplish for the Lord and for others?

We have about a week and a half and we cant WAIT! (although, in the picture taken of me, I don’t look too excited…it was super tuesday and I was stressed out that McCain wasnt going to win the nomination)







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2 responses to “all packed up and ready to go.

  1. Love it all absolutely darling! Can’t wait to meet your little sweets. What a blessed little girl she is to have such adoring and wonderful parents! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  2. mary

    I CANNOT WAIT!!! Talking to you the other day made me super excited. You did such a fabulous job with her room. It is so you, and I love it!

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