Super Tuesday for two weeks!!

So, I am in love with presidential elections and so much of US government intrigues me. I am currently propped on my couch (my wonderful husband making dinner) and watching the Florida primaries.
I just cant wait for Super Tuesday on Feb 5th. Im ordering pizza and making a night of it with my brother (hopefully) and hubby and maybe even a friend or two!
Jonathan and I have already been on the phone watching the precincts come in and getting all fired up (premature, i know).
In case you care….
I am in support of John McCain for president and the Florida primary is looking up (although only 20% is in)…

GO McCain!!!!




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2 responses to “Super Tuesday for two weeks!!

  1. mary

    I love that you wrote this, because I am so into this, too! It’s like the best primary ever!! And without even talking to you, I voted for McCain yesterday on my absentee ballot! I am not SUPER excited about him, but there aren’t many fabulous options…:)

  2. Jonathan Strawsburg

    Mary…. do not worry… McCain is fabulous. And my word is final…

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