new book=new inspiration

I suppose this is the worst possible time to get “inspired” but I found a great book at BORDERS and am really excited to get into it!
I made it my New Years Resolution in 2007 to sew my first piece of clothing…and I did. In the pictures section of this blog, you can see the first garment I ever created–a really cute skirt. Anyways….the last year I have been thinking about learning to sew clothes more and more. Becoming pregnant really sidelined me, because I was feeling so sick all the time and then when i started feeling better, we started packing up the sewing room to re-locate it outside. All that to say…I have had withdrawals and am really excited to start sewing again and kinda re-learning how to create cool, nifty, functional and fabulous clothes. I found a book that I think will be fun to be inspired by. The writer is the founder of a cool sewing shop in NYC and is just really quirky (which i love).
I cant wait to dig in. Yes, i’m sure all the moms out there are like, “good luck sitting down at a sewing machine anytime soon…”…but i’m determined and perhaps can squeeze in a shawl or pair of knickers during nap time ?????

If you need some sewing inspiration…go pick it up! AND it comes with 10 free patterns!!!



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