Kensington Jane

Some people have asked the origin for the name Kensington Jane (which we have decided to name our daughter) so I will share.

My husband actually fell in love with the name Kensington after we stayed in Kensington, London almost 6 years ago on our honeymoon. He decided to suggest it while we were walking into a restaurant in Berkeley about 3 years ago before we were even thinking about having kids and has not forgotten since then. He LOVED that name, and it made me happy that a name made him so happy each time it was spoken. Jane was my choice. Besides LOVING the simplicity of that name (I picture a little girl with a huge red coat and goulashes on sitting in the rain each time I say it), it is the name of the precious, little girl in MARY POPPINS (my favorite movie) whom I just love.

So, there you go.


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  1. I think it’s a beautiful name!
    And I see BabyWise on your sidebar. I’ve heard all about how people hate this book, but I gotta tell you, it worked for all 3 of our boys. :o) They all were and still are great sleepers!

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