I DO have an excuse….

Many have been asking “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN”? “WHY NO BLOG UPDATES?”…
Well…my account was temporarily suspended because Sean and I had our credit cards stolen (approx. 3 days before Christmas) and someone tried to charge like 3K at Best Buy or WalMart or something like that…..
Nothing says HAPPY HOLIDAYS like theft. So….TypePad tried to bill me like every month and it rejected it and I had to wait for my new cards etcetc.


Our Christmas and New Years was fabulous. I was so sad when it was done, BUT…I knew that once the holidays were over, all of the “baby fun” would begin!
I had my first shower yesterday and it was so much fun. I felt SO blessed to have such wonderful friends that would take the time to make something so special for me. The theme was “candy” and I loved that because I have had SUCH a sweet tooth through this pregnancy. Im not usually a candy person but BOY I have been eating it tons lately.
The ladies decorated the house so loverly and there was a delightful salad bar to feast on and all kinds of friends and family surrounding me. I was so happy….(and for anyone else who has been pregnant…isnt it true that you dont realize HOW pregnant/swollen you are until you see yourself in pictures????!! GOOD GRIEF!)







I got to say…these girls thought of everything–not a detail was left undone and it really showed how hard they worked on this shower. It meant so much to me and is a special day I will remember forever. Emily, Mary and Jenelle really made me feel loved and reminded me that friends are one of the best parts of life. Thank you girls.








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2 responses to “I DO have an excuse….

  1. Yipee!!! You’re back! Had a great time yesterday!Love You…..

  2. mary

    It was sooo much fun! Helps when you have a great bunch of girls to do it with!

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