velour + rain= very bad

So…Sean, my parents and I went to Disneyland today! It was the first time my parents had been in 15 years! It was such a walk down memory lane for all of us…

Biggest mistake of my life??? Wearing VELOUR PANTS and CROCS in the pouring rain. I mean…it rained ALL day. And not just a drizzle either–it was raining ALLLLLL day. My pants were soaking to the knee. You should have seen the four of us. My father was in a drenched sweatsuit, my husbands tan pants were wet from ground to waist and my mom and I had umbrellas that might as well have been invisible, but it was still SO great. We walked on every ride, ate at the Blue Bayou and listened to a high school choir sing Christmas carols.

It was a day I wont soon forget–here are a few pics. (PS–the guys in the black sweatsuit is my dad getting the most expensive coffee ever).

PS–One huge upswing to rainy days at Disneyland? The parks were empty! It was like a ghost town in California Adventure.







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5 responses to “velour + rain= very bad

  1. mary

    Yeah!! Christmastime at Disneyland! I’m glad you had fun. 🙂

  2. Ahh… Now I’m missing my Disneyland pass! All those Wednesdays in the middle of January or February when no one is there but you are the best!

  3. emily

    FUNNNNN!!!!! I bet the park wasn’t crowded though! Do you have passes?

  4. Have you tried the Crocs ballerina shoes? they feel like crocs but look more like real shoes.

  5. Shanna

    You all are crazy! I’m glad you had fun though. We’ve been when it was drizzling and it was the best crowd free day.

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