the dark side.

I VOWED that I would NEVER wear CROCS, but sadly, pregnancy has changed my mind for me, and I am in LOVE. 

I still look down and cant believe that I am wearing them.  They are a far cry from my normal 3 inch heels, but seriously—they are the most comfortable thing I have EVER worn on my feet.  And lets be honest, when your foot is double the size it normally is and it is practically pushing itself out of your shoes, the time for comfy shoes is upon you.  You just have to give in…and it feels so good.

In the end, im learning the meaning of the phrase "DONT HATE-CONGRATULATE."  People have been wearing these shoes for years now and perhaps they were the smart ones all along??????  Good for them!




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  1. I love mine too…though they make my size 10 feet look double that. Have you tried the Mary Jane Crocs? They are much cuter, I think, and make your feet look a normal size.
    (Though, truth be told, I much prefer the heels! My sister often makes fun of me for wearing “California” shoes in “Colorado”–but I do have some Colorado shoes now: Crocs and Danskos.)

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